02 Apr
Yoga in India

Posted by Dhruv Singh

yoga in india

Yoga cannot be bound by geographical or religious identity. it is in essence coming to an understanding of reality. As it is, an understanding, it is free to flow anywhere and everywhere. Whoever,wherever in this world raises a doubt,a question, automatically with it create s a potential for understanding.

Questioning is an attribute of the human mind and wherever it raises its head there it creates the fertile soil for coming to an understanding. Geographical and religious identities are merely imaginary lines created by human beings, one on land and other in the mind. Historically these lines have never been stable they keep shifting and changing.

The identification of an individual to any country religion ideology or group is a desperate attempt to maintain its identity.The very thought of losing one's identity is so fearful to an individual that he can go to any lengths to maintain it, even kill or get killed. It is a death wish to which every human being clings so desperately, to break free from it is yoga.

The word yoga is unique to India and has found much acceptance across the world. As the world is dynamic in nature anything that comes into existence is subject to a change.

It would be futile to go into the origin and history of the concept of yoga but in today's world it is a much bandied word which has taken various forms and names from Ashtanga Yoga to Hathyoga,sahaj yoga and other much fancied words like hot yoga. The basic yoga form that is followed is the ashtang yoga attributed to Sage patanjali and later concept of hathyoga.

Still the most basic understanding of the word yoga that people have in their their mind today is of asanas and Pranayam which form the two of the eight limbs described in Ashtanga yoga and are the most popular forms practiced owing to there positive health benefits

Although undeniably beneficial as they are,there popularity has resulted in people thinking of the small part as the whole thus obscuring the essence of yoga. Although it is an effort in the right direction but a premature stoppage in a further journey denying them the greater benefits at the later stages