Who We are?
yoga and meditation tours and retreats in rishikesh as well as in  india

Blessed to be born in indian himalayan region, brought up and nurtured with love and grace of numerous himalayan Yogis and Masters we have come a long way. A journey from scattered visions and ambitions to a deep integration of life at large.

It is through yoga in various styles and expressions we understood the underlying denominator to all. Self Awareness, the Self of one and all beating and throbbing in all expressing from micro to macro in one expression of self love.

Yoga Tours India, invites and welcomes everyone from all walks of life to share with you what has been graced and bestowed upon us by great Masters and Yogis. Some still in body and some in spirit, gently guiding and helping us to see what lies beyond body and senses at the very seat of awareness at our very core.

The undiluted, self luminous self in one and all.

Our Yoga & Meditation Programmes