17 Apr
what is yoga

The most common question in today’s world is How to be fit? The answer is also prevalent- “Do exercise and be fit.” But again the term comes how? How will we get time in our busy schedule for doing exercise? Ah! It's a bit difficult to follow in weekdays, let's do it on the weekend. And again at the weekend, we are busy in our routine enjoyment schedule.

Also, we think “Let’s do it on next weekend”, and the process of thinking is going without doing any action. So what we are compromising forsaking to maintain daily activity? Our fitness goal and more precisely, we are compromising our health. And some of us following the fitness routine like a machine. And again here also we are compromising our fitness level. Because here we are following our fitness regime without any connectivity between mind and body.

"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." Yoga will give you another level of fitness as you will find the connectivity between your mind, body and soul. It is said that “Do only 15 minutes Yoga every day and get benefitted” You can do your yoga practice anywhere, everywhere` but as we know that for better and amazing results a good place to do practice can play a key role for the relaxing mind.

Rishikesh (the Yoga capital of the World), Uttarakhand is the place from where you can start your Yoga journey. A yoga retreat in rishikesh will provide you with the best environment for relaxing your mind and to build a spiritual connection between Mind, body and soul. Now the surprising fact is that, after starting Yoga, day by day you will achieve your fitness as well as balance goal also. Now I will tell you how.

How will you achieve your balance goal also?

Have ever tried to stand in one position without swaying? Start practicing Yoga, day by day, and you will achieve this goal also. It's just needed proper practice. Yoga also helps you to find the balance between inside and outside world as it helps to remove the stress from your mind. The positive vibes will start changing your life and this change will leads you to find the balance in your life also towards the positivity in life.

Yoga Tours India:
Don’t worry about your busy schedule; you just need a small break for practicing yoga. Yoga tours india provides yoga retreats in rishikesh to make you will feel the happiness by nourishing your body, mind and soul. You can observe the improvement in your health, as ~ It decreases your stress level
~It improves your lifestyle.
~Your sleeping pattern will be improved by your relax mind.
~You will see the positive changes in every aspect of your life.