Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Yoga Retreat?
It is an opportunity to explore yourself through your practice. We are a busy people these days, with all the distractions and diversions that surround us, it is hard to look inward, relax, and fully take advantage of what yoga has to offer.
A yoga retreat offers you the chance to get away from the normal routines and customs of everyday life, which allows for a valuable perspective onto ourselves.
Whichever type of yoga retreat you seek, we hope to provide that selection that meets your need at this time of your life. Retreat can be life changing no matter where they take place.
Are yoga retreats for everyone?
Yes! You do not need to be a yoga rock-star or flexible like a pretzel to fully enjoy a retreat. Retreats often vary in their specific yoga styles, and amenities, but they are often more similar than not when it comes to accommodating all levels of practitioners.
What is more important than showing up limber as a cat is showing up with an open mind, ready to explore yoga and yourself.
Can I go on a Retreat by myself?
Most do! Yoga retreats can be great for couples, friends, and families, but the majority of retreat takers go solo. The reason is that yoga retreats are by definition a get away. A retreat away from the norm. People who attend yoga retreats tend to be respectful, community-driven, and generally well centered, so its a great place to make new friends. It also allows one to find their own grove again, or just relish in being in their own personal space.
I have never done yoga before, can I do yoga retreats?
Yes at the yoga retreat we cater for all levels and abilities.
What kind of food will be served?
We prepare fresh, healthy vegetarian food at our retreats. The menu will vary according to the location and time of year, but it will always be fresh and tasty. We can accommodate most dietary requirements, including vegan, gluten-free and lactose intolerant. Just let us know your needs when you book and we’ll make sure you’ll be well fed! We do not serve alcohol on our retreats.
What should I bring?
Most importantly, bring a big smile and plenty of enthusiasm! You’ll need comfy yoga clothes, but you won’t need to bring any other yoga equipment. All our retreats are at fully equipped yoga studios. Each retreat will have different ‘Don’t Forget’ lists, so check out the individual listings for full details.
Who leads the retreats and teaches the classes?
Yoga Retreats are lead by senior teachers and many also benefit from assistant teachers to help you work comfortably and at your own pace. All of our teachers are experienced, highly qualified and dedicated to teaching yoga.
What if I don't have a roommate?
We can assign you a roommate if you want one but if you don't you can pay extra for a private room. Contact us for rates if private rooms are not advertised for the retreat you are interested in. We can make it happen!
Where Weekend Yoga Retreats will be conducted?
These yoga retreat programs are conducted with in-house accommodation to all its members, amidst the breath taking beauty of Himalayas, so they can experience the essence of a true yogic lifestyle.
For Weekend retreats , we orgainse the retreat in our camp, sahaja retreat, Rishikesh . A backdrop of high peaked mountains with changing hues every hour, the gush of the river flow with its soothing sound and chirpy birds tattling their own tales are a few of the many things that have rested and healed my mind.
From the cozy tents on the banks of the river, the liveliness around the bonefire, the hospitality and the food, Camp Sahaja Retreat is a complete package with five stars attached to it.
Where 15 Days Yoga Retreats will be conducted?
We are conducting this 15 day yoga retreat in Swami Dayananda Ashram, Rishikesh which has a beautiful new fully equipped yoga hall with Iyengar props at the bank of Mother Ganga. Yo can get the magical feeling of relaxation while walking on foot walks along side mother ganga in evening.
In ashram you will have the access to the ashram’s library with a rare collection of spiritual books on Indian philosophy, yoga traditions and Indian culture.
The ashram life will provide you with a mind and body detox which will leave you rejuvenated and energised. Also, staying in a beautiful environment will help you unwind your stress and leave your mind with peace.