09 May
Yoga-As a path towards Sustainability

Written by Siddharth Bennerji

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Sustainability, a term extensively used globally, seems to have flooded the newspapers, magazines and the electronic media with its tentacles of information and global concern. We talk of sustainable growth, sustainable economy, sustainable development, sustainable living.

Basically a way of life that can be sustained for long and causes least possible damage to mankind,society, nature and natural resources. Each nation has its contribution to this global endeavour of “sustainable development”.

Some come up with the ideas of Green buildings and energy efficiency , some think about food security and women safety, a few have a focus on holistic education and many more deal with poverty alleviation measures. All of it aiming and accounting for an ideal sustainable planet.

India, like any other nation is tossing between development /progress and sustainability /conservation. Swami Viveikananda said that character building is nation building. Yoga that literally means the union with the self helps in develop this “strong character”.

Yoga is said to be the journey of the self, to the self, through the self and once established in it, one discovers his true nature and potential. One gets to develop true values and morals naturally. Yoga makes us deeply aware and sensitive towards us and others too.

Establishing clarity of thought and purity of mind turning one towards a balanced, harmonized and a meaningful life.In other words “sustainable” enough physically , mentally , emotionally and spiritually . A nation can certainly sustain well if its citizens are sustainable enough. A truthful character would automatically curb corruption.

A sensitive attitude will never harm fellow beings and nature. A pure mind shall automatically be respectful to all. A subtle nature shall never demean women.Similarly a healthy body will increase the productivity of an individual. A strong intellect and a wise mind will generate innovative ideas and fuel inventions.

Why seek everything outwardly when the answer lies within, dormant yet waiting to get explored by Yoga. “She is awakening, this motherland of ours, from her deep long sleep. None can desist her anymore; never is she going to sleep anymore; no outward powers can hold her back any more; for the infinite giant is rising to her feet”.