17 Apr
What is Yoga?

Posted by Sunil Badola

what is yoga

The notion of individuality is intrinsic to our view of the world. In absence of this notion the world as we know it, disappears. Individuality is very dear to us yet,it is the source of our everyday conflict.

We crave for peace and yet, we are in continuous conflict with the world, a world which unknown to us has actually been created by us. The essence of this conflict is that unknowingly we have come to think of ourselves as an entity which is trapped in a body and thus reduced ourselves from an all-pervading consciousness to a point form.

From the perspective of an individual who is just setting out to understand the nature of reality, Yoga is the culmination of a journey the end of a search. However,the contours of this whole journey are created and embedded in the recesses of the mind. The notion of this journey begins in the mind and it ends with the mind.

The word Yoga literally indicates a union, assuming that there is an individual who merges with some higher self. However,in essence there is no Union but coming to an understanding that there is no separation at all. The essence of YOGA is to break free from the notion of individuality which give rise to the idea of separation.

The world, which has been termed as SAMSARA,emerges from this notion of Separation.It survives and thrives solely on conflict. In the light of understanding of the seamless nature of reality, all conflict disappears and so also the world of our own creation.

The direct recognition of this seamless nature of reality as one's own true nature is YOGA.