12 Jan
what is yoga

Your skin is a really good indicator of what’s going on inside your body.” Yes, our face is the reflection of our inner health. Have you heard the common phrase that “beauty comes from inside, not from outside”? Yes, it's true. Whatever the beauty products you are using, nothing will help you if you are not helping yourself honestly.

Yes, be honest with you, and you will find out what is missing in you. Nowadays, we are so busy getting answers properly that’s why we are rushing to the parlor to get the fastest result. But after some days, you are back to the drawing board. Again you are in the same state. And again, you will go for an expensive beauty treatment.

Now give yourself a break and a treat with the inexpensive yoga moments. And definitely, you will love the results. Start with 15 minutes of yoga every day and feel the power of breath in your life. If you want to give yourself a fresh start with yoga, you can count Yoga Tours India for its best Teacher training course in Rishikesh.
How you achieve your inner beauty?
Yoga is like a music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.” Zits and pimples are the two common words nowadays. This is because of the hormonal changes and unhealthy lifestyle. Spent only 15 minutes from your whole day for yoga and felt connected with the word “profound.” Yoga will improve your mindset by breathing out all the negativity from your lives. You will feel the relaxation and calmness from inside. And it will be added beneficial if you are doing Yoga in the peaceful environment at the river Ganges bank. Rishikesh is the place that will make you more connected with the word “beautiful.”
Start sweating and feel relaxing
“ My body is my temple, and asanas are my prayers.”
Start twisting the effect in your life by doing a challenging yoga session. If you are a beginner, you can start with the easy steps and slowly enter the real yoga world. Take the challenge and feel the effect. Do more sweating sessions with yoga, and it will open up your skin pore for detoxification. But during this session, please pay attention don’t wear synthetic clothes, which can cause health hazards.
Do the face yoga with a smiling face
Our face sometimes needs the touch of our fingertips to enhance blood flow in our skin. For this, you no need to go to the expensive salon. Your expensive hands are enough for this. You can make long O, small O with your hands and face, or you can hold the breath through your mouth and puff out after some time. Yes, you have done. Do this regularly. Get the best result by learning from the best assistance of Teacher training course in Rishikesh at Yoga Tours India.
Forward-bending pose
It is also known as the Uthanasana, one of the common pose of Sun Salutation. It enhances the blood flow to the face and improves your skin tone by giving glowing touch.
Triangle pose
It is well known by the name of Trikonasana. It is the best asana for your glowing skin by promoting more oxygen to your skin. It can reduce your stress level and make you feel more relaxed.
Mountain pose
It is also known as Tadasana. You can feel the rhythms of the breathing by doing this simple asana. It helps to remove unhealthy toxins from your body and make your skin more healthy and glowing.
Shoulder stand pose
You will pat yourself for giving yourself after practicing this yoga 3 to 5 times every day because it is the most effective yoga for giving your skin a glowing and healthy touch. It is also known as the Sarvangasana. It will improve your blood circulation to your face and will make you get rid of pimple, wrinkles, zits.
Closing words
Yoga will help you to rejuvenate your skin muscles and will reduce your stress hormone level. You will be surprised by the results. But only doing yoga will not help much. Healthy eating, drinking more water, and quality sleep can help you achieve your health and beauty goals. What else? Don’t search for an expensive salon. Just do yoga and yoga and feel the effect in you. And, of course, do all the yoga practice with experienced assistance. Get connected with Yoga Tours India, and they will provide you the best trainer through their Teacher training course in Rishikesh. And start loving yourself.